Fitness Friday on WINK News – Useful Tips for Holiday Gatherings

What comes to mind when you think of the month of December?


Which means Holiday parties, seeing friends and family, home cooked meals and desserts and drinks…. you name it! There is no way to avoid these fun gatherings and we don’t want you to! But there are ways to be smart and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the midst of these holiday parties and gatherings. Cassandra Golden is a registered Dietitian & Owner of Nutrition Nibbles Consulting and is a part of our Fit Partnership program. She is sharing 4 strategies to help you do just that! Don’t wait until January 1st! “December Resolutions” are a real thing!

1. Don’t skip meals!

The longer you wait between meals, the hungrier you get. So don’t show up hungry to a Holiday gathering. We’re more likely to overeat or choose foods we normally wouldn’t due to the hunger affecting your willpower. Your metabolism is like a fire, which needs small doses of wood (or fuel) to continue burning. Without fuel, the fire fizzles out and becomes ineffective.

2. Grab a plate!

Use a plate so you know exactly how much you’re eating. Because when picking up finger foods, which are usually packed with the most fat and calories, it’s easy for people to lose track of how many they’ve eaten. Choose a SMALLER plate and first take a look at all the options available before filling up your plate. Try to spend time away from the food table to avoid grazing and snacking with no recollection for portion size.

3. Focus on the Finer Things!

Make the highlight of parties & social gatherings about the people, not the food involved. Set the goal of becoming more engaged in the conversations & relationships than the food. It’s easy to give food too much power, and that can create a mindset of “this only comes once a year” so we end up eating in a way that doesn’t leave us feeling good emotionally or physically Find an accountability partner! Confide in a friend, workout partner, family member, or even a dietitian who will keep you accountable for the goal you set forth Hire a personal trainer who will be expecting you at appointments, which will make it less likely you’ll overeat or drink when you know you have an upcoming date set for a workout.
These tips can be printed from Cassandra’s website. Cassandra Golden, owner of Nutrition Nibbles Consulting, LLC. Click HERE to see our Fitness Friday segment on WINK News

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