New Year, New Fitness Mobile App

The Missing Link for the Fitness Industry

Everyone uses technology to make their life better or easier. And while the concept of using technology to exercise and train is not new, Link to Fitness is truly something new for personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts. We are a fitness company that is rethinking and redesigning the way the world achieves health through the use of technology. Link to Fitness was built for personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts to connect, engage and benefit from each other. We developed an online platform that provides a simple and convenient way to achieve a fitness goal ANYWHERE and ANYTIME with your favorite online personal trainer. We are finally able to give trainers and members their own virtual gym with access to some of the best trainers in the world along with exciting new fitness programs. You can even sink all of your tracking devices into one platform and have your results analyzed and explained to you by a professional personal trainer.

Two Sisters, Two View Points, One Fitness Solution

This innovative concept was created and founded by two sisters, Stephanie and Jennifer Castano, who shared the same passion for fitness but took very different approaches to getting fit. Stephanie Castano, CEO & Co-founder, is a certified fitness trainer who aspires to reach everyone who wants more for their body with customized options, at anytime. Jennifer Castano, Art Director & Co-founder, is a fitness enthusiast who craves the opportunity to try new programs and disciplines but needs the simplicity and convenience of online training. Stephanie found the frustration when clients did not show up to sessions while Jennifer became frustrated trying to find a fitness challenge online for her to accomplish while juggling a busy schedule.Link to Fitness provides a fitness solution for personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts; they will finally have EXACTLY what they are both looking for – All things fitness in one virtual training facility! On Link to Fitness trainers and fitness enthusiasts meet, collaborate, workout, lose weight, build muscle, tone, strengthen, stretch and celebrate health in your own virtual gym, anytime, anywhere. “Your goals. Your schedule. Your location. Your lifestyle. After all, this is still personal training.” – Stephanie Castano, CEO & Co-founder

Our Approach is Different

We created a filtering system to help our fitness enthusiasts explore and browse through trainers, workout routines or full programs so they get exactly what they want. We also developed a unique payment system that allows trainers to maximize their income every month so they can continue to make an impact in people’s lives, regardless of their location or time availability. We focus on helping trainers maintain, manage and track who visits their profile and help them build their business online in a simple way so that everyone can benefit from each other. Link to Fitness is open to any trainer, whether they’re brand new or have been doing this for 20 years. Personal Training is just that. PERSONAL! Even in the digital world. Prospective clients want to get to know you and learn more about your personality and how you train.

The Mission Behind the Company

Our mission at Link to Fitness is to build a community of passionate and motivated individuals who want to connect, share, and enhance their lives through our services. Please join us on our journey as we are rethinking and redesigning the way the world achieves health through the use of technology. “This world is all about giving and receiving and we believe our platform will foster a community of people who want to do just that!” –Stephanie Castano

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