About Us


Stephanie, Chief Executive Officer, is a certified fitness
trainer with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management
and an MBA degree in Digital Marketing. As the CEO, she
aspires to help other trainers reach more clients through
technology and innovation by providing them the necessary
tools needed to better their business in the digital world.

“Personal trainers are not taught to be business people,
but they are placed in those situations at times.”

Stephanie Castano
Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder, earned her
Bachelor’s degree in Art with a focus in Digital Media. She is
a fitness enthusiast who craves the opportunity to try new
workouts, but needs the simplicity and convenience of
online training.

As the CCO, she knows the important of visual appeal and
the science behind specific colors and fonts. This is vital for
the Link to Fitness App because she knows the difficulty in
starting a new fitness challenge and the motivation and
excitement that is required to be successful.

Jennifer Castano
Chief Creative Officer


Link to Fitness was founded by two sisters that shared the same
passion for fitness but took very different approaches to getting fit.


Stephanie found the frustration when clients did not show up to sessions while Jennifer became frustrated trying to find a fitness challenge online for her to accomplish while juggling a busy schedule.

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as an enthusiast on
the Link to Fitness app

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Trainers and fitness enthusiasts engage, inspire, motivate, workout, lose weight, build muscle, tone, strengthen, stretch and celebrate their health using the Link to Fitness mobile app, anytime, anywhere.

LINK TO FITNESS features amazing and unique workouts in every genre and discipline - mind-body-spirit/yoga, running, climbing, weight training, sports conditioning, physique training and much more. Need to learn the proper form for sit-ups, how to meditate at home, or choose from the safest and most effective programs to bulk up or trim down, your Link to Fitness is here!

Your goals. Your schedule. Your location. Your lifestyle.

After all, this is still personal training.