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Our mission is to help trainers like you, leverage your time and income while also spreading the knowledge outside your gym walls.

We realized that in order to make a global impact, we need to build a solid foundation for Certified Trainers who want to connect, share and become financially fit.


Our focus is on fitness as a whole, anything from yoga, strength, mobility, and functional training. This allows our members to have a vast selection of workouts to navigate and filter so they can find exactly what they love to do.

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A guide to become a successful trainer on the Link to Fitness App!


Take advantage of having a professional profile on a mobile platform that showcases your credentials while building your reputation in the digital world.

Creating a workout routine on the Link to Fitness app is quick and easy; it takes a trainer only a few clicks to get it done!




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Upload your workouts ONCE and let your clients and fans
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Minimize financial impact of cancelled appointments or no shows while expanding your client base to clients everywhere digitally.


Don’t let your workout programs go to waste by only using them on one customer.

Why You Need to be on a Mobile App?

Nearly 75% of time spent online occurs on a mobile device. This means that 75% of your potential clients are searching for the services you provide on their MOBILE DEVICES.

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